The Brain Screw Game
The game is so simple, there is not much to explain. Just try it.
Know what to do or just feeling lucky?
Read an interesting back story. It is about CIA spies!

Testing for spies

Rumor has it that during the Cold War, in 1970-s, the CIA was concerned that there might be Russian spies in its ranks.

The CIA psychologists designed an ingenious test that would show who knows Russian or any other foreign language, but does not admit it. The test was simple. They would show a paper card like this and ask to read out loud the colors the person sees.

Синий Красный Жёлтый
Зелёный Синий Красный
Розовый Жёлтый Зелёный

It is easy to do if you do not know the language. But for a person who understands the card language it is impossible to read our colors without pauses, mistakes, and hesitation.

Try it in English:

Blue Red Yellow
Green Blue Red
Pink Yellow Green

The Brain Screw Game uses the same principle. Just answer the questions as fast as you can, and in the end we will try to guess something about you.

Or just play for a high score. This is probably the only place where knowing multiple languages might hurt your scores :)

Good luck!

Hint: When playing on desktop you might find it easier to use keyboard left and right arrows instead of mouse clicks.
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